Design the Box Workshop


The Design the Box game encourages participants to consider the product from the user’s perspective.

What do users need and want from the site?
How can the site communicate with them?
What will get them excited?

Divide people into small groups of three or four and ask each group to design and draw the packaging for the website, as if it were for sale on supermarket shelves. Ask them to think about the core proposition of the site and how to distil that down into a clear and concise form.
Why would a customer choose this box over those next to it?
What are the main messages the packaging should convey—perhaps the name, tagline and key features—and what details should be included on the reverse? Would the box include pictures or just text?

Allow plenty of time for this exercise, between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the size of the groups. At the end of the design phase, ask each group to stick their sketches on the walls, and discuss their ideas with the other participants.

Design the Box is an ideal way to open a discussion about what the site should do, how it stands out, and what it offers users. It forces people to think clearly about how the site—and the organization—must differentiate itself from competitors, and what features will appeal most to potential users. Participants must also con- sider the product’s tone of voice, and key visual elements like color and imagery.

Things to consider

1. What is the core proposition?

2. How does this box differ from others on the shelf?
3. How do the key messages on the front contrast with the details on the back?

For an even more hands-on approach to Design the Box, provide a foldable card template, scissors, glue and colored pens so that your participants can make the box itself. You can then spread the various boxes around the office to spark further discussion.


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